A beautiful Home Depot employee who shared a workplace bathroom selfie has become the center of the so-called "modern woman" debate.


If you see Floyd Mayweather in public make sure your man hands do not have decorations. The sports legend recently denied a man with painted finger nails a selfie.


Bakari Henderson, a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, was vacationing abroad in Greece when tragedy struck. According to still developing reports, a group of men beat the Austin, Texas man after he asked a waitress for a selfie photo with the assault leaving him dead from his injuries.

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Jelani Maraj, the brother of rap superstar Nicki Minaj, has been battling accusations that he raped a 12-year-old girl. Minaj, who handled a $100,000 bail payment for her brother to secure his release from jail, posted a group selfie featuring her brother on Wednesday.

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This attempted heist went terribly wrong. An apparent struggle thief (accidentally?) took a selfie video with the robbery victim’s phone. 

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Kanye West used to smile quite a bit in photos early on in his career, but those pearly whites have been traded for a brooding scowl of late. Yeezy’s sour puss was on display at Super Bowl XLIX this past Sunday after fans snapped a selfie with the rapper who was clearly giving no f-cks about […]


Yesterday (Dec. 15) Kim Kardashian broke the Internet as she’s known to do. However, the extra viral attention wasn’t in her favor this time around.


The English language still continues to evolve, and current buzz terms of the day are becoming part of our daily lexicon. Recognizing this, publishers Merriam-Webster earlier this week added a host of words that will be familiar to many to its Collegiate Dictionary.


Lily Allen has proven herself to be an out-of-the-closet Hip-Hop fan time after time since her career first hit pay dirt in the United States. Her latest selfie–and/or publicity stunt–is further proof of her listening preferences.


The actions of a sick and deranged neighbor of a four-year old girl may have just scarred the poor child for life. He shot her dog and then proudly posted his evil deed on Facebook.

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Retired United States Army general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell went out of his way this afternoon to show the young whippersnappers of the day that there’s nothing new under the sun. No matter how many feel like they own the Internet.


The NYPD nabbed a pair of teen robbers Wednesday in the Fort Greene Park section of Brooklyn after they used a phone they stole from a man to take a selfie pic. Cops also suspect that the two have been responsible for a series of muggings in the area, and they now face several counts […]