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Kanye West used to smile quite a bit in photos early on in his career, but those pearly whites have been traded for a brooding scowl of late. Yeezy’s sour puss was on display at Super Bowl XLIX this past Sunday after fans snapped a selfie with the rapper who was clearly giving no f-cks about the photo op.

West explained recently why he doesn’t smile in photos any longer, all in an attempt to create an aura of cool that he already possesses in droves. But this recent photo of the Chicago producer and rapper at big game spoke volumes of how serious West is about his new rule regarding smiling for the cameras.

The photo, snapped by Ben Pitasky or boomPow on Instagram, was full of the “bro-titude” expected of a pair of bros bothering a famous bro at a professional football game. Yeezy kept it simple, rocking a camouflage t-shirt and a single gold chain. No word if his wife, Kim Kardashian, was in the seated row with him. It also appeared that West was up in the nosebleeds, so perhaps that’s why he wasn’t as excited? Who knows?

A few more photos surfaced and in each of them, West looks less than enthused. We know that Kanye gets a lot of flack for his outward appearance and bold stances, but perhaps fans should cut the man some slack. Heck, he IS Yeezus after all and that’s a heavy burden for anyone.

Hit the flip for some more photos of Kanye West simply not giving two f-cks on camera during his time in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX.

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Photo: Instagram

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