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Bakari Henderson, a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, was vacationing abroad in Greece when tragedy struck. According to still developing reports, a group of men beat the Austin, Texas man after he asked a waitress for a selfie photo with the assault leaving him dead from his injuries.

Outlet KXAN reports:

A 22-year-old man from Austin was killed while vacationing on a Greek island Friday morning and two people have been arrested.

Bakari Henderson was allegedly beaten to death by around 10 people at a bar on the island of Zakynthos, in an attack that lasted 30 seconds, according to an Athens-based newspaper.

The Henderson family says their son was in Greece working on a photo shoot to launch a new clothing line, calling him a “big thinker” who enjoyed coming up with new business ventures.

A report from The Washington Post states that the assault also involved two employees at the bar as well and that the incident started allegedly when Henderson asked a waitress for the photo which angered one of the suspects, who then rallied a group of 10 to 15 men to chase Henderson. The outlet wrote in their report that nine men were arrested.

The U.S. State Department is joining the investigation into the matter as well.

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