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Lily Allen has proven herself to be an out-of-the-closet Hip-Hop fan time after time since her career first hit pay dirt in the United States. Her latest selfie–and/or publicity stunt–is further proof of her listening preferences.

For no good reason (other than to raise awareness of her upcoming album Sheezus), the 28-year-old British singer posted uploaded a picture of her naked holding a laptop with Odd Future’s logo plastered on the front. The computer was used to shield her “digital love” where as her long hair doubled as her bra.

“Warming up in my pants, luckily @panosphair is there to document these dressing room moments,” she said, referencing her stylist.

If the album’s title sounds remotely familiar, it is by design. It is a direct reference to Kanye West’s polarized LP, Yeezus. The album’s first single “Hard Out Here,” is also inspired by Three 6 Mafia’s Oscar-winning hit “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp.” Its subject matter touches on the double standard women in any industry have to endure when it comes to their looks.

Allen even puts herself in the hot seat on the video, where a board of medical examiners deduct points from her score for her baby fat. Despite all the Hip-Hop references, Sheezus is devoid of any rapper appearances.

From the looks of the picture, that baby fat seems to have withered away. Check the next page to give her the attention she came for.

Photo: Instagram/Lily Allen

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