Last Friday, protesters in support of the NYPD gathered at City Hall in New York. The gathering had the added wrinkle of the supporters mocking the final words of Eric Garner by wearing “I Can Breathe” clothing in their counter protest.

The pro-police protesters wore a variety of black clothing items adorned with the “I Can Breathe” phrase in bold white lettering. They were at City Hall the same time many supporters of the Garner family and other protesters were there challenging the methods of the NYPD. A war of words took place between the two groups, athough the pro-NYPD contingent was largely outnumbered.

More from The New York Daily News:

NYPD supporters wearing black hoodies with the words “I can breathe” demonstrated outside City Hall Friday evening, sparking a war of words with opposing protesters picketing at the same location.

Outnumbered 2 to 1, about 100 police supporters proudly sported the hoodies — a sick twist on Staten Island father of six Eric Garner’s final words as he died from a police chokehold on July 17.

They shouted “Don’t resist arrest,” every time demonstrators who believe Garner was murdered screamed “I can’t breathe.”

Anti-police brutality protesters then marched to the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges after verbally warring with the NYPD supporters, jamming traffic in the region. According to reports, there was little physical contact between the two groups.

Photo: NY1

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