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In a series of tweets, a very loquacious T.I. defended Grand Hustle recording artist Iggy Azalea as he attempted to intellectually respond to Q-Tip’s comprehensive Hip-Hop history lesson.

Also what I think my big Bruh kinda left out is that OUR people (blacks in America,& HIPHOP) have had much less qualified White People come along & manipulate our culture for their own pers gain. This lead to an almost incoherent overly defensive, paranoid sense of… “All White People Wanna Steal Our Shit” mentality. Now as difficult as this is to believe…. We think all white people who do our shit… gotta kiss our ass or we don’t like em!!! “Dey shady!!!” (Lol No pun intended) But me knowing U,Eminem,and a handful of other… (just so happen to be) white people who were inspired by our culture allowed ME TO SEE, that not all white people out to steal our culture.. There are some that merely wish to contribute to it. And I’d be less than ME if I didn’t say that… If WE don’t allow u guys the same… …rights & respect we KNOW WE DESERVE in other areas of humanity… WE’RE ALL JUST A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES. AND THATS NOT HIP HOP!!!!

Following the rapper’s rant, Black Twitter took no time to counterattack. #whentiptweets gave rise to pure hilarity and a healthy dose of realness. Azealia Banks would be proud.

Hit the gallery to see what Black Twitter had to say about Mr. Clifford Harris.

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