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There’s something sneaky going on in Hollywood, where Black actors have to play specific roles in order to get a real shot at breaking through that not-so-invisible color barrier.

We all know by now that the most popular depictions of Black people on the silver screen surround oppression, and maybe a romantic comedy ( luckily Think Like A Man opened that door). It’s becoming an unspoken rule that Black actors have to play down-and-out roles before they can be considered for other gigs in Tinsel Town.

The audience has a part in this pigeonholing because people tend to support what they can most widely connect to. This doesn’t mean that certain roles don’t matter, there’s just a severe lack of variety in the mainstream.

Is Hollywood sending a message by awarding and promoting movies that don’t show the best of the Black experience? Seems like it.

Hit the gallery for 9 roles for Black actors that won’t go away.

Photo: WENN/YouTube

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