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Who says Hip-Hop is comatose? With so many means for expression through social media and viral videos, the purest of elements still find a way to shine through, even without the commercial backing.

Namely, the rap battle. The definitive way for a MC to prove their dominance over one another. And since it’s 2014, or what remains of it, a Twitter rap battle isn’t out of the ordinary. Especially when A-list rappers aren’t afraid to participate in the 140-character spectacle at a moments notice.

Which brings us to the recent social network entertainment of Lupe Fiasco and Daylyt. The Chicago rhyme assailant is perceivably rather antsy as he awaits for the January 2015 release date of his new album Tetsuo and Youth, and was lured into a battle of lyrical wits against battle rap kingpin Daylyt by a trolling Mickey Factz.

Daylyt has the skills to pay the bills but gets more attention for his hijinks rather than his mic due diligence but he proved to a formidable foe against top-notch competitor.

Flip through the gallery below to see the contest play out in full, and we’ll let you decide who took the belt in the comment section below. The most beautiful thing is this particular Twitter rap battle that it ends in nothing but love.

The love for Hip-Hop and spirited competition.

Photos: Instagram

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