Eminem might be mellowing out just a taste in his later years, but he’s still very much a strong lyricist and fierce microphone competitor when he wants to be. Fresh off of getting featured on a new single with Logic, Slim Shady called out comedian Chris D’Elia over his hilarious impersonation of the Detroit superstar.

Battle Rap is one of the most popular genres of Hip-Hop; so it is no surprise it continues to be spotlighted on mainstream media. Recently Wale hosted a battle on WWE Smackdown Live and to our surprise, it was pretty entertaining.

Nick Cannon has put out a challenge to all rappers out there to battle him next month at the BET Experience. The catch? The opponent would have to match the mogul and entertainer by putting up $100,000.

The town of Charlton, Mass. is under alert after, get this, a roving pack of battle rappers have reportedly challenged residents to an all-out vicious rap duel right in the middle of the mean New England streets. Considered one of the safest cities in the state and across the country, Charlton officials are asking citizens […]

It’s been over a year since the unfortunate cancellation of the highly-anticipated battle between veteran rap legends Fredro Starr and Keith Murray. Now, the Generation X event will take place this October in Brooklyn, New York, altering the typical modern battle rap format just a tad.

Yasiin Bey may be a comedian but Mos Def the rapper is still claiming he exists and is very deadly on the mic.

Who says Hip-Hop is comatose? With so many means for expression through social media and viral videos, the purest of elements still find a way to shine through, even without the commercial backing.

Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged as you watch this footage of an amazing marriage proposal. Yes, that goes for even the most hard-nosed individuals too.

How did we miss this? Santa Claus, who we figure represents Christians, battles Moses, representing for the Jews, in rhyme. The kicker is that Moses also happens to be Snoop Dogg, ahem, Snoop Lion. 

For those sitting on their hands waiting for Meek Mill to get back in the battle rap game, you’re going to keep on waiting. 

Could it be the return of MC Gusto straight outta LoCash? Chris Rock aka Tremendous battles Supa Hot Fire in this parody video. This has it moments (real tears were shed when someone in the crowd says “Everybody love Chris…,” but Tubesteak battles are >. Chris Rock wins for the winter Knicks fitted and the […]

When it comes to freestyle battles, there are no limitations of what you can expect.  We have seen people get embarrassed, choke up, and on the occasion even get physically hurt.  However, in this freestyle below this man may have done something that no one has ever done in freestyle battling, openly admitting that he […]