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Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright may have a good relationship with her daughter, but as for her marriage with producer Memphitz, one could speculate the opposite. At least from the cryptic messages the two have been posting onto Instagram as of late.

Right before the new year rang out, Memphitz shot out a damning update that indicated that he was traveling to Splitsville with Wright. “All I’ma say is, this public marriage thing ain’t for every1,” it began. “Sh*t is hard. But when love let u down, u let love go. Who do I trust? Who do I depend on? ME! Thas who! Jus be happy. Happy f***in New Year.”

Instead of confronting the issue internally, Wright snapped back with an IG post of her own that summarized prayer to be the best problem solver.

The past 366 days have seem more than a handful of celebrity couples take the plunge. We’ll see if Memphitz and Toya can hang on to their love like Sadu Adu used to sing.

Hit the following pages to see their open gripes from Instagram.

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