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Before even diving into the actual album, let it be known that Hood Star isn’t an official co-signed new studio album from Crooked I.  This entry is one from the vaults back at Death Row, renamed Tha Row, as they have ushered in new leadership, WIDEawake Entertainment, and have decided to release some old material.

Crooked, however, does not support the release of the project and can only hope that his fans do the same in terms of actual purchase, so find it by any other means folks.

…Now, back to your regularly scheduled review…

Prior to the rapper becoming a member of Slaughterhouse, Crooked’s home was beside Suge Knight where

From the “Intro”, the listener  can already feel the vintage vibe as the rapper looks to take a few jabs at the West Coast, making reference to fraudulent artists pretending to create real music but are steady hopping around on the television screen.

Lyrically, the rapper of today was still there before as he sharpens his swords whenever he comes to deliver clever lines.

“I’m faded off liquor, better run with the wind/ Or catch 110 uppercuts right under your chin/ Then imma rob your pockets/ I’m so electrifying, I can stick a wet finger in the plug and shock the socket.”

Featuring such acts like Ray J, Kurupt, Eastwood and others, the offering is heavily pro-West Coast, along with the production, outside of some a contribution from Juvenile and Sisqo on “So Damn Hood (Remix)”.

“West Coast” feat. Kurupt and Eastwood

Unlike his passive native these days, tracks such as “Fawk Em”, “Haters” show Crooked a lot more aggressive and more murderous with his lyrics, which fortunately makes for a different listen outside of the Slaughterhouse sound, most comparable to the 2009 EP Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist.

“So Crooked”

While the majority of the album boasts the usual gangster bravado that was popular as the 90s was ending, the closing track “Me and My Dogs” pays tribute to those that have fallen while showing signs of remorse of living such

“Thou shalt not kill, that’s what we was taught in the scriptures/But murder got me in the room talkin to pictures/ Got too many homies lost and I miss ya/ Wish I could dig off in your ditch or reach off in your coffin and get ya/ Damn, your death made the hood spin/ If I could rewind time, I’d say you was a good friend.”

While the album might not be supported by Crooked I himself, it is still an offering that serves to be placed within the collection.  With Million Dollar Story, the first official, still waiting to be released , it’s good for fans to have something from Crooked to sit and ride to, even if it’s like a decade old.

Along with Hood Star, Crooked I also created Untouchable and Say Hi To The Bad Guy, which are still unreleased, as of now.

Dropping such a release, one can only wonder where Death Row Records would be if things didn’t spiral out of control.