HHW: 2014 was a year of firsts for you. What are some moments that stick out?

A$AP Ferg: Madonna called me and invited me out to chill and listen to music. That was one of them. I also worked with a lot of the producers I grew up admiring. I just had dinner with Pharrell the other day, and we spoke about life. When you’re able to kick it with people that you look up to on some regular day-to-day sh*t, that’s where’s I’m getting at now with my life.

It’s dope, because now I can call Swizz [Beats] and ask for advice. Busta Rhymes, we bumped into each other in Miami. Or being with Puff, and him telling me he’s proud of me. Those moments solidify your stardom.

HHW: Speaking of Pharrell, he’s known to give artists gems. What’s one thing he said to you that resonated?

A$AP Ferg: P gives so many gems, but one thing he told me was, “You look up to me and what I do. Imagine what you’re about to do.” That told me that no matter how much you respect history and legends, you gotta aspire to be better than that.

HHW: A$AP Mob scrapped the project you were set to drop last year. What will become of those records?

A$AP Ferg: I’m pretty sure it will, because we had a lot of good songs. I think it was the sequencing and getting hits, some more dope songs [that halted the project]. Some sh*t may go on my album, or Twelvyy’s album, or Rocky’s album.

HHW: Speaking of albums, I know you’re excited for the world to hear what you’re cooking up. But which of your A$AP Mob brethren are you most excited for listeners to hear?

A$AP Ferg: I’m excited for all of our projects to be heard, but [A$AP] Nast has to be one of my favorites out of everyone. We’re all true artists and work at our own pace. But when you get something out of Nast, it probably took forever, yet it’s fire.

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