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In the aftermath of 2013’s Trap Lord, A$AP Mob’s second breakout act, A$AP Ferg, spent a bulk of 2014 touring and making his rounds on the spring/summer festival circuit, before delivering the Ferg Forever mixtape in late November.

To say that Hip-Hop music was dismal in 2014 essentially tells me that your musical palette has mainstream limitations.

Ferg Forever was among a bevy of free projects released by both major label-affiliated and underground artists that warrant a few spins. Waving the A$AP Mob flag in a year the clique produced little more than freebie tracks and broken promises of a compilation album that was scrapped, Fergenstein’s intentions were to show growth on his latest full-length release.

And that he did, though not without an array of new experiences and tutelage from industry veterans like Pharrell Williams, who’ve given the young rapper tons of game that’s become ammo for future releases.

Giving Hip-Hop Wired access, Ferg dishes on creating mixtapes vs. albums, his experiences with Skateboard P, which A$AP Mob member he’s most eager to see release a project and more.

Hip-Hop Wired: You’ve developed your sound since Trap Lord, and it shows on Ferg Forever. What was your mission statement for your latest project?

A$AP Ferg: The project was created so I can bridge the gap between Trap Lord and my debut album. It’s been a while since people heard original material from me, and I’ve learned a lot musically since my last project.

HHW: You get deeply personal on Ferg Forever tracks like “Uncle.” Why not save a song like that for your debut album?

A$AP Ferg: “Uncle” was supposed to be on Trap Lord, but I couldn’t because of logistics.

HHW: Oh okay. I was actually asking how you decide to place a track on a mixtape as opposed to your actual album?

A$AP Ferg: I actually don’t save anything; I put my all into all of my releases. I never say, “Yo! I’m going to save this for my album.” If a song is dope, it can make my album as well.

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