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Remember when rappers threw jabs at each other in rhyme? In 2015 that’s mostly done via tweets, and recently Lupe Fiasco and Azealia Banks got into social media fisticuffs while Kid Cudi also got involved in some keyboard sparring with the Chicago MC. 

It all started when Lupe came to the defense of Kendrick Lamar (he tweeted, “#BeMoreLikeKendrickLamar), who many took issue with over his recent comments about Ferguson.

That’s when Azealia Banks stepped in and said, “@LupeFiasco you still haven’t made a decent song since i was 17,” and the fecal matter hit the proverbial fan shortly thereafter.

Fiasco retweeted an old Banks tweets about stealing his flow, she responded with slander, and most people sat back and watched the show 140 characters at a time.

Then Kid Cudi came along and subtweeted Lupe, which led to those two bickering, again.

Check out the best of the Lupe Fiasco vs. Azealia Banks and Lupe Fiasco vs. Kid Cudi social media slander on the following pages.

Can’t we all just get along, and drop new music?

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