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Boxer Adrien Broner really outdid himself with his renown controversial comments when he invited Jay Z to dine on his genitalia and basically characterized Rihanna as a full-blown whorebag.

In a new video for TMZ–the same platform he used to diss the two Roc Nation representatives–Broner swallowed his pride and decide to issue out an apology.

Via TMZ:

Boxing superstar Adrien Broner says he deeply regrets dissing Jay Z and Rihanna — and has just issued an apology asking for their forgiveness.

As we previously reported, Broner BLASTED Jay earlier this week — claiming he was incredibly insulted by the 5-year, $40 million offer he recently received from Roc Nation Sports.

In fact, he appeared on “TMZ Hollywood Sports” and reaffirmed his directive that Jay could “s***” his “d” … and also said that Rihanna was only good for “p****.”

The apology is fair enough but time will tell if he still becomes another punchline in Jay Z’s raps. Especially since all the man did was try to put money into his pocket.

Hit the flip to see the backpedaling apology video.

Photo: Instagram/Adrien Broner

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