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Yesterday (Jan 22) we asked our Twitter followers to “Tweet your face when Iggy Azalea said she ‘sparked a change’ in Hip-Hop,”  and immediately our timeline caught fire. Even Ebro Darden got in on the fun, which eventually led to Iggy Azalea reacting, on Twitter, and calling Hip-Hop Wired and the Hot 97 host the “BIGGEST haters.”

It all traces back to Azalea’s recent interview in GQ, where the “Fancy” rapper asserted that she “sparked a change” in Hip-Hop. We, like a LOT of people, thought this was hyperbole on her part, and we asked our followers to chime in, via meme.

The fact that the next day the pics are still flowing is a testament to plenty of fans not trying to buy the rationale Iggy is selling. Nevertheless, Iggy took to Twitter to clean up what she stated, tweeting, “ I’m talking about changing who we accept having a voice in hip hop. As the only white, Australian,woman with a 1#. you can meme all you want but I have change many ppls opinions about allowing different voices to be heard.”

From there, the Grand Hustle artist fell back on the tried true “y’all are just haters” defense.

The irony here is that in our post about her now infamous GQ interview, Hip-Hop Wired did mention that her being a successful white female rapper was the actual game changer.

But hey, if refusing to fall for the jig makes us “haters,” we’ll live with that.

As for the memes, they’re still hilarious. Check out some more of the best on the flip.

Photo: GQ

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