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A family in Ohio has filed a complaint after a funeral director wore their deceased family member’s jacket in front of the family during the funeral proceedings.

According to the state board that licenses funeral homes in Ohio, Routson’s Funeral Home has received numerous complaints regarding not only their handling of the corpses, but also public conduct during business hours.

Among the complaints are the charges of mishandling a corpse, being naked in public and threatening and/or harassing employees and partially embalming a corpse and then leaving it un-refrigerated for 13 days.

Other allegations against Routson include being intoxicated or addicted to illegal drugs, not properly disposing of waste materials and failing to properly sterilize instruments used in embalming.

According to WUPW, an affiliate of CNN, the funeral home was shut down as of Monday (June 14) and although there are no pending criminal charges, the state board has ruled that the funeral home must remain closed until the investigation is concluded.