Cleveland bred rap group and Eazy E protégés Bone Thugs N Harmony recently appeared on “The Monique Show”  to discuss their issues and success in the music industry.

The show, which aired on June 15, features the group minus Bizzy Bone discussing their sudden fame and offered advice to the newcomers in the game who find themselves immersed in sudden fame.

“Read your contracts,” Bone Thugs said. “We were young kids and we didn’t have anyone to teach is what to look for and what not to look for, so we fell into the trap.”

Flesh  Bone also discussed his 10-year stint and his recent legal trouble stemming from a 1997 incident with his mother.

“[Being incarcerated] help me sort through some things, it helped me figure out what my priorities were, which was my family, career and Bone Thugs.   The incident recently was from something that should have been cleared up when I was in the California Department Of Correction, because it happened 10 or 12 years ago. No one knew about it until the police came to the show in Cleveland and when they showed up at the show it got dealt with.”

Bone Thugs N Harmony also discussed their relationship with on again off again member Bizzy Bone, who is currently in rehab for a drug addiction.

“We respect Bizzy and understand what he’s going through,” the group said. “We just hope that he recovers so that we can get together and make hits, because at the end of the day he’s still our brother.”

Peep the full interview below:

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