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Brian Williams was never aboard a helicopter shot down in Iraq in 2003. On Wednesday (feb. 4), the NBC News host admitted that the story he’s been sharing for the last decade is a lie.

Williams didn’t confess until after he was exposed by crew members on the 159th Chinook helicopter he claimed. In actuality Williams and his camera crew were in another aircraft and “never came under fire.”

Reports NBC News:

In a piece last week on Nightly News, Williams took Sergeant Major Tim Terpak, who just retired with three bronze stars, to a New York Rangers hockey game, where the vet was honored with a standing ovation by some 18,000 people at Madison Square Garden.

In honoring Terpak, Williams told the story of his helicopter being hit by an RPG, but that wasn’t accurate.

On Wednesday’s Nightly News, Williams admitted, “I made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago.”

Williams and his team were actually in one of the aircraft following a Chinook helicopter that was hit.

In fact, in the original Dateline special on the incident, Williams even says, “On the ground we learn the Chinook ahead of us was almost blown out of the sky,” acknowledging he was not in the lead helicopter.

 In addition to clearing up his story, all of the post on his Twitter page have been deleted.

Photo: NBC News screenshot