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A Jacksonville, Florida woman is seeing justice now that she won her lawsuit against police that tackled her while she was seven months pregnant and in labor.

Five years ago Melanie Williams called 911 and told dispatchers that she thought she was having a miscarriage but was somehow disconnected from the call.

Williams, who was bleeding and going into premature labor, took matters into her own hands and decided to drive herself to the hospital, running a red light on the way.

Officers pulled her over for the traffic violation but the woman told police she thought she was losing her baby and decided to speed off.

Police followed the obviously pregnant woman to the hospital and tackled her inside.

Surveillance footage shows officers knocking the bleeding woman down as she screams, “I’m pregnant. Someone help me, I am bleeding!” while an officer puts his foot on her back and neck before escorting her out of the emergency room and into a squad car.

She gave birth prematurely ten days later to her daughter Malaysia.

A charge against authorities for excessive force was dropped and Williams settled her lawsuit out of court with police for $65,000 instead.

The officers involved were reportedly disciplined internally for their actions.

Only $65,000 though?