9. Steely Dan Trounces Eminem

Proving, once again, that the Grammy voting committee is run by old white men who probably use the words “whipper snapper” in everyday conversation and think that telling a black man that “he speaks so well” is a compliment, the committee thought that 2000’s Album of the Year belonged, not to The Marshall Mathers LP (the album that gave us “Stan,” “The Way I Am,” “The Real Slim Shady,” “Kim”…you know, all the songs that ‘heads quote as the songs that made Eminem, well, Eminem…), but to Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature that featured such delightfully wholesome songs as “Gaslighting Abbie.” Because, you know, singing about mentally abusing the sh*t out of your girlfriend is preferable to rapping about beating the sh*t out of your girlfriend…

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