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Despite COVID-19 shutting everything down, BET refused to let the pandemic canceled the Blackest Awards show on the planet.

Even though Flavor Flav does not have the cleanest track record it seems his partner in rhyme is the one doing shady business. The world’s greatest hype man has something to say about Chuck’s recent explanation.

Chuck D and Flavor Flav seemingly have reconciled, but according to the frontman, the duo actually never broke up.

In a series of tweets, the man who put the hype in Hypeman responded to being given the boot from the iconic rap group he helped put on the map. Flav, like many, couldn't believe he would let Bernie Sanders of all things be the reason he was fired.

While Hip-Hop fans the world over are processing the ouster of Flavor Flav from Public Enemy, frontman Chuck D took to Twitter to issue some much-needed clarity on the situation. According to the veteran rapper, Flavor getting booted from the group has much less to do about Sen. Bernie Sanders as it does about the […]

Public Enemy, a Hip-Hop group that got its start in the 1980s, has ousted one of its most recognizable figures in Flavor Flav after nearly four decades as a crew. The rift began when Flava sent a cease-and-desist letter to the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders that took place this weekend over frontman Chuck D […]

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D is in the middle of a legal fight to regain the rights to the music he created as part of the longtime Hip-Hop collective. According to the suit, the Long Island, New York native claims the man he entered the deal with has been swindling him out of finances connected […]

Public Enemy's Chuck D returned to his Long Island roots and served as principal for a day at Roosevelt Middle School.

Longtime Public Enemy member Flava Flav has launched a lawsuit against his band mate Chuck D and Bomb Squad producer Gary G-Wiz over lost royalties.

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has always been one of the more thought-provoking voices in the world. But are we ready for his latest suggestion?

PBS’s docuseries Soundbreaking recently dug into the history of Hip-Hop sampling with Chuck D, Q-Tip, RZA and more.

Political rap supergroup Prophets Of Rage are making their presence known during the 2016 Presidential election. In addition to touring and bum rushing the Republican National Convention they are releasing an album.