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Tyrese “wisdoms” aren’t for the faint of heart and the Fast and Furious actor reminded us of this when he aired out one of his dates for Googling his net worth while they were on a dinner date.

Via Madame Noire:

If we were to put together a list of things you shouldn’t do on a first date with a famous fella, or any fella for that matter, the new #1 would be that you probably shouldn’t look up how much money he has while you’re out with him. It’s just a little bit (or a lot actually) tacky.

But that’s exactly what one woman did while on a date with actor/singer, Tyrese, but she got caught. It all started, according to Tyrese (aka, Black-Ty as he calls himself), when his phone died and he asked to use the woman’s phone so that he could look up something online.

Although it’s a humorous scenario, dipped in the very same struggle broth it was birthed in at the fancy restaurant, so many questions remain. Why is Tyrese taking basic broads out on dinner dates. Assuming the story is true, why didn’t ‘ol girl do her research beforehand? Was this a blind date? Or did Tyrese (who deleted his post) just want to remind everyone that he had cake since no one is actually talking about him.

So many questions. Raise your hand in the comment section if you care about Tyrese net worth.

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