Exclusive: Jahlil Beats Talks Bobby Shmurda’s Prison Woes [VIDEO]


Bobby Shmurda is in good spirits even though his prison stay has worn out its welcome like two months ago. To think, is rise to prominence began with a raw street record that had his name in everybody’s mouths. Before he had a chance to improve on his one-hit wonder status, his freedom was snatched from underneath him due to a bevy of charges, with the most serious one being a murder wrap.

Jahlil Beats can take credit much for Shmurda’s notoriety as it was his bare bones production on “Hot N***a” that got everyone’s attention. While collecting his medals at the 2015 Annual ASCAP GRAMMY Brunch, the Roc Nation producer (born Orlando Tucker) shared his thoughts on the case with Hip-Hop Wired.

“I just think it’s unfortunate,” he said, attempting to summarize an emotion on the situation when life obviously hasn’t stopped moving. “I’ve been talking to Sha Money XL [about Shmurda] just giving them my condolences.”

Since Jahlil Beats is a hot commodity these days, champ and chump rappers alike are vying to utilize his services. Take a look a the video below to see how much he’s currently charging for a beat if you’re interested.

Follow him on Twitter @JahlilBeats while you’re at.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired

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