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Apple earlier this month released a beta version of its OS X 10.10.3 operating system, complete with an array of updates. On Monday (Feb. 23), a newer version of the beta operating system was unveiled and gives users the options of racially diverse emojis.

This beta OS, which will become widely available to all Apple users this spring, turned heads with the emoji update. The new emoji development had been teased and somewhat of a sore spot for the tech giant as users hoped for the ability to create characters that best represented them.

Of course, not everyone was ecstatic about the new emojis as some Black users groaned at the lack of natural hair styles to be applied and other issues. Some Asian users complained of the character grouping’s yellow skin and issued a series of complaints via Twitter. However, it appears that the yellow skin emojis is the default color and that the skin tones are able to be altered.

In all, the male and female faces along with the thumbs up icon will be available in six different skin tones. Tapping and holding on to the button over an emoji gradually changes its skin color. Moreover, there will be even larger representations for people of color via the popular feature.

Check the following pages to see some images of the emojis, along with some praise and complaints. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

[h/t 9TO5Mac]

Photo: Apple

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