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The state of Georgia needs to get its sh*t together. Pronto. A garbage man in Silver Springs was jailed for starting work too early.

Reports Atlanta Sun Times:

A Sandy Springs sanitation worker said he was taken to jail for picking up trash too early in the morning, a violation of the Georgia city’s ordinance.

Kevin McGill will spend the next 14 weekends in jail because he picked up trash minutes after 5 a.m. one morning—an offense worthy of automatic jail time, according to the city solicitor.

Chief prosecutor Bill Riley said picking up waste too early in the morning has been a recurring problem no matter what approach is taken to limit the issue. He asked the judge to sentence McGill to 30 days in jail.

According to Riley, “fines” aren’t working so jail time seems like the best alternative.

Being that he had only been on the job for three months, McGill was just following what he saw others doing.”I used to see other trucks there all the time so I thought it was okay, and it wasn’t,” he told WSBTV .

He was given a citation and “automatic jail time” once he showed up in court. Even though this was McGill’s first offense for early garbage pickup, the court didn’t care much. “I was stunned. I didn’t know what to think. I was shocked.”

His lawyer believes a “warning” would’ve been more appropriate. Now, McGill has to spend weekends away from his wife and “two little boys,” and in jail with actual criminals.

Silver Springs sanitation workers are supposed to pick up garbage at 7 a.m. local time.


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