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You knew Apple’s “spring forward” event today was going to be epic because of the Apple Watch. But the company that Steve Jobs built put a bid in to break the Internet by debuting a gold MacBook. 

Yeah, the new even skinnier than the Macbook Air, and of all time, laptop has a gold option.

Reports Gizmodo:

The fancy new paintjob is a nice complement to the new MacBook’s sleek, super skinny profile. And as insane and extravagant as it sounds—it doesn’t actually look half bad. You can read more about the new MacBook itself here (which also comes in space gray in addition to the usual silver). But in the meantime tell us, would you buy a gold MacBook? Would you cover your firstborn in gold? Would you eat solid gold if it wouldn’t result in swift, painful death? 

The new MacBook features an all-new pressure sensitive Force Touch trackpad, a 12″ Retina display, bigger keys and weighs only 2 pounds.

Check out images of the new MacBook below and on the following pages. It stars shipping April 10. You may want to order yours sooner than later.

Photos: Apple

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