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For better or worse, Hip-Hop has turned into a cultural phenomenon impacting several outside forces.

Comedienne Whitney Avalon has carved out a niche on YouTube with her “Disney Rap Princess Battle” series. The premise is just how it sounds; Avalon and another actress dress up like some of the famed fairy tale heroines and let out a few Caucasian accented bars.

In the latest installment, Avalon recruited some star power as Sarah Michelle Gellar has been nabbed to portray Cinderella to lyrically combat her respective Belle from Beauty & The Beast. The final product isn’t as humorous as it ease entertaining but it still shows how far Hip-Hop has transcended to every creative mind.

Speaking of creative minds, YouTube user Benjamin Roberts has unearthed the hit 90s show, Dinosaurs while simultaneously paying homage to The Notorious B.I.G. with a clever mashup of “Hypnotize” using the show’s footage.

The Internets never cease to amaze us.

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Photo: Whitney Avalon/ Disney Rap Princess Battle