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Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has managed to keep his name in the press for reasons far less heroic than his response to 9/11 in 2001. Mr. Giuliani’s latest act involves praising Darren Wilson for gunning down unarmed Black teenager Michael “Mike” Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

In Giuliani’s latest bid to keep himself alive in the minds of Americans, he continues to tout a pro-cop agenda and chooses to largely ignore the larger picture in favor of his own viewpoint. In Giuliani’s mind, Wilson was justified in his actions and should be “commended” according to him.

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“A man committed a robbery, attempted to assault a police officer, and the police officer, to save his life, shot him,” Giuliani told Fox News on Thursday. “The police officer did his duty. The police officer should be commended for what he did. He did exactly what you should do.”

Wilson was cleared of any charges by a local grand jury last fall. The Justice Department last week released a report on his shooting of Brown and said that it did not have sufficient evidence to try Wilson for civil rights violations. Wilson resigned from the force in November.

Giuliani spoke at length during the interview about his belief that Ferguson had been overtaken by an “atmosphere of unbalance” since Brown’s shooting. He said that this atmosphere has been perpetuated by comments from members of the Obama administration, as well as the Justice Department’s scathing report on the Ferguson Police Department, released last week.

Giuliani’s contended that the Justice Department’s investigative report into the police tactics in Ferguson were “allegations” and said the findings are false despite the overwhelming data that was attached to the release.

Giuliani defended Ferguson police, saying that they were simply protecting businesses from potential rioting in the wake of the resignation of former Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. Two Ferguson officers were shot Wednesday night (Mar. 11) and Giuliani’s stance is that if there weren’t any rioting, the officers wouldn’t have been shot.

Watch a short clip of Rudy Giuliani’s comments below.

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