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Popular (and controversial) Atlanta televangelist Creflo Dollar is back in the news again, shamelessly asking for money for a cause that best suits him instead of the needs of his flock.

The minister is asking anyone with eyeshot of a computer and a penny to their name to donate money for him to land himself a brand new G650 plane.

A new fundraising website has sprung up with the following message:

The ministry’s current airplane, was built in 1984, purchased by the ministry in 1999 and has since logged four million miles. Recently on an overseas trip to a global conference, one of the engines failed. By the grace of God, the expert pilot, who’s flown with Creflo for almost 20 years, landed the plane safely without injury or harm to any passengers.

Due to this recent incident coupled with the 31 years the airplane has been in service, we believe it is time to replace this aircraft so that our Pastors and staff can continue to safely and swiftly share the Good News of the Gospel worldwide. We need your help to continue reaching a lost and dying world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we are asking members, partners, and supporters of this ministry to assist us in acquiring a Gulfstream G650 airplane so that Pastors Creflo and Taffi and World Changers Church International can continue to blanket the globe with the Gospel of grace.

Your love gift of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

The site also features a five-minute video, complete with somber music, highlight Dollar and his family’s woes of having to delay his holy mission due to the plane’s many mechanical problems.

Moguldom Studios’ 2014 documentary Black Church chronicles several questionable pastor practices, including many of the customs Dollar employs in his ministry. This latest act of donation follows its succession in the realm of uncertainty of motive.


Photo: Faith TV