A Twitter user blasted Dollar and a number of other celebrity preachers and evangelists over their wealth and alleged lack of donations to the coronavirus crisis.


Creflo Dollar became the focal point of both concern and ridicule after he launched a campaign to raise $65 million to purchase a luxury jet. According to Dollar’s executive board, the popular Atlanta televangelist needs the Gulfstream G650 airplane to spread the word of God globally.

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Creflo Dollar is incredlous…that you guys would totally sh*t on his dreams of obtaining a $65 million plane with churchgoers’ money.


We gotta start this by pointing out the audacity of giving up your hard earned coin to a Pastor or Reverend or whatever he is named Creflo, Dollar. Said man of the cloth is asking his constituents to pitch in and buy him a $65M plane—needless to say, Black Twitter (and righteous white people, too) […]


Popular (and controversial) Atlanta televangelist Creflo Dollar is back in the news again, shamelessly asking for money for a cause that best suits him instead of the needs of his flock.