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Creflo Dollar became the focal point of both concern and ridicule after he launched a campaign to raise $65 million to purchase a luxury jet. According to Dollar’s executive board, the popular Atlanta televangelist needs the Gulfstream G650 airplane to spread the word of God globally.

Although Dollar claims that the Devil blocked his airplane blessings, the preacher’s World Changers Church International board, which helps operates the Creflo Dollar Ministries, says the G650 is necessary for the church to do its work. The Christian Post investigated the matter thoroughly and reported on a statement from Dollar’s board that firmly asserts its position.

From the Christian Post:

“We plan to acquire a Gulfstream G650 because it is the best, and it is a reflection of the level of excellence at which this organization chooses to operate. We, the World Changers family, so value the lives, the safety and the well-being of our pastors and leaders that we wish to provide to them the best air travel experience possible,” said the statement from the WCCI board.

Despite the statement from WCCI, however, it might be a while before the church can acquire the G650 jet even if they are able to raise the nearly $70 million needed to purchase the aircraft, according to Gulfstream’s sales director for New Jersey, Delaware and New York, Kevin Valik.

The WCCI might think it best to get the G650, but it’s going to take a miracle to snag one of the planes according to Valik. He told the Christian Post that there are only 120 Gulfstream G650 jets that have been delivered around the world since 2013. The company is facing a backlog on orders for the jet that stretches all the way until 2018.

Perphaps Dollar needs to hit the mainline and call in a favor from the big guy above.

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