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Some would say that Kevin Durant has yet to win a NBA Championship because of inexperience. But others blame Lil B’s “Based God Curse,” which has been “blocking” the Oklahoma Thunder superstar’s blessings for four years. The rapper, however, offers the hooper a form of reprieve.

TMZ Reports:

The beef between the two started back in 2011 when Lil B says Durant took an unprovoked shot at his rapping skills in a tweet.

Lil B then fired back with a tweet of his own … hitting Durant with the dreaded “BasedGod” curse and proclaimed that Kevin would never win a title until it was lifted.

So when the news dropped that Durant’s foot injury — which has hampered him all year — was going to keep him off the court indefinitely, social media began buzzing … was it the curse?

TMZ Sports spoke to Lil B and he told us Durant’s BasedGod curse remains, and it’s the reason for all of KD’s current career struggles.

“He’s still under it. Everyone who disses Lil B pays for it.” 

According to Lil B — who dropped a hilarious song called “F*ck Kevin Durant” last year — there’s only one way to break the curse … Kevin has to play him in basketball.

“All he has to do is meet on the basketball court for a friendly game of 21. I’m passionate about my game, my defense, if he doesn’t beat me 21-0 he should be embarrassed.”

“He knows the curse is affecting him. Everyone knows. He needs to see me on the court.”

Lil B’s latest troll follows OKC’s decision to keep Durant inactive until his foot is fully healed.

Is Lil B’s proposition absolutely ridiculous? Absolutely. Durant should continue to move as he’s been doing. But if he’s somehow ring-less at 30 (four years from now), he better lace up his kicks.