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Lil B has a gift for keeping himself in the news and this time the so-called “Based God” is wedged deeply in the NBA’s MVP conversation. The Bay Area rapper that people either love or hate says that his “Based God” curse is still on for Houston Rockets star James Harden, but he’s lifted it […]


Can you remember the exact moment that Lil B became a big deal? As hard as I try to, I can’t. I just remember waking up one day and Lil B was all over my timeline cooking. It wasn’t the music. Honestly, it wasn’t ever the music. It was the fact that somehow the guy […]

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Some would say that Kevin Durant has yet to win a NBA Championship because of inexperience. But others blame Lil B’s “Based God Curse,” which has been “blocking” the Oklahoma Thunder superstar’s blessings for four years. The rapper, however, offers the hooper a form of reprieve.

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For months, Lil B the Based God has gone back and forth with NBA Superstar Kevin Durant about playing him one on one in a game of basketball. The NBA star laughed off the notion that the 5’10” rapper would stand a chance against the 6’10” three time scoring champion. 

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Last night during the New York Knicks‘ blowout of the historically terrible Charlotte Bobcats, Amar’e Stoudemire and Baron Davis pulled off some very rare cooking dances. Popularized by esteemed guest of New York University Lil’ B, the cooking dance has become a very popular form of celebration in professional sports. From the NFL, to the NBA, […]

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Lil B has released a new video, this time for the track “Lone Warrior” off his Red Flame mixtape. In it we see him in an airport and preparing for a flight. While it seems simple enough, B posted a message with the video encouraging fans to look for “secret codes” or “hidden messages” in […]