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Can you remember the exact moment that Lil B became a big deal?

As hard as I try to, I can’t.

I just remember waking up one day and Lil B was all over my timeline cooking. It wasn’t the music. Honestly, it wasn’t ever the music. It was the fact that somehow the guy who once rapped about his Vans looking like sneakers had reinvented himself into this spectacular Internet Based God.

When you talk about being ahead of the curve, Lil B had this social media game on lock before we ever realized what it meant. And, to be completely honest, what exactly does that mean? It’s like being a reality show celebrity.

You don’t necessarily have to do anything in particular, but you must capture the attention of the masses with something. Although, nobody really knows what that is. People have tons of Twitter followers for reasons that don’t make a lot of sense. It’s a difficult game to master but Lil B has become the overlord of the web.

“Maybe we refer to Lil B as a rapper like we would refer to anyone on VH1’s Basketball Wives as an actual wife.”

And now that overlord has gone beyond your average rapper. He’s lecturing at universities across the country. For what reason, you surely have asked yourself? Who knows? But he’s doing it.

Don’t you dare question Lil B’s popularity or you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of a curse like Kevin Durant did. And that curse did more for Lil B than it ever did for Kevin Durant.

Oh, the curse. Maybe that’s what is pushing Lil B into the mainstream consciousness more than ever. If you aren’t one of his over 1 million Twitter followers and somehow don’t know who the hell he is, he surely made his presence felt at the Western Conference Finals by slapping his hex on James Harden. As goofy as it sounds, the way Harden spiraled into a playoff record 13 turnovers (adjusted to 12 by league officials but who’s really counting) made the Based God Curse bigger than it ever has been.


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