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Whether you like it not, social media plays a huge impact on all newsworthy items these days. Such is the case for Texas senator Ted Cruz’s recent revelation that he’s the first to run for president. The very young Republican leader looked to inject some spark into the GOP by taking to his Twitter account to announce his 2016 intentions accompanied with a tailor-made video to let everyone know he was 100 percent serious.

Of course, like any other candidate who has historically ran for president, Cruz enters the fray surround with his own custom brand of controversy. The 44-year-old senator is known as a bit of an extremist, and his Canadian birth has the left side likening him to the same criticism President Obama faced for his Hawaii roots.

CNN is also comparing his decision to dish Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to Barry Goldwater’s eventual defeat to President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1964 presidential election. Politrix Twitter cared nothing for those little intangibles but they definitely made sure to poke fun at the potential slogans Ted Cruz would be using down the line.

What You Need To Know About Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

Time will tell if Cruz will make to the finish line for the elephants but in the meantime, get a load of these #TedCruzCampaignSlogans in the gallery below.

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