Ted Cruz


One thing about Republican politicians—they’re going to stick to the same old script no matter what. And that’s why they embarrass themselves so very often.

Cancún Cruz shot off a lazy "get a job" tweet after an ABC News affiliate tweeted a report that jobless Americans are facing fewer options as benefits are starting to run out.


The Supreme Court nomination of alleged sexual offender Brett Kavanaugh by alleged sexual predator-in-chief Donald Trump has got the resistance riled up in a way that hasn’t been seen since this administration was ripping families apart at the border and building concentration “summer camps” for kids (100+ kids are still orphaned thanks to this practice by […]

Tez Cruz's Twitter account liked a porn clip on Twitter and the Internet attacked.

Ted Cruz is a superb troll. The Texas senator spoke at the Republican National Convention and didn’t bother to endorse GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has risen in the poll standings, threatening the top position of perennial frontrunner, Donald Trump. Perhaps in a bid to seize back the limelight, the business mogul to a swipe at the Texas senator by calling him “p*ssy” because he doesn’t embrace torture in war.

President Obama upset Ted Cruz when he called him scared of Syrian widows and children. Cruz is clapping back, and he wants the POTUS to stop talking trash from afar and run up.

Whether you like it not, social media plays a huge impact on all newsworthy items these days. Such is the case for Texas senator Ted Cruz’s recent revelation that he’s the first to run for president. The very young Republican leader looked to inject some spark into the GOP by taking to his Twitter account […]