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GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has risen in the poll standings, threatening the top position of perennial frontrunner, Donald Trump. Perhaps in a bid to seize back the limelight, the business mogul to a swipe at the Texas senator by calling him “p*ssy” because he doesn’t embrace torture in war.

Since Trump took lumps in the Iowa primaries, a state he was clearly expecting to win but lost to Cruz, the candidates turned their attention to the New Hampshire primaries. While campaigning in the state, Trump went on the offensive even though he painted the moment to make himself look innocent.

Trump was onstage at an event in New Hampshire bashing his opponent’s stances on waterboarding in times of war, and, at first taking the high road by avoiding name calling for once. But a woman in the crowd yelled out “Ted Cruz is a p*ssy!” which got laughter not only from the crowd but Trump himself.

Although it could barely be heard via Trump’s podium microphone, he made sure to repeat what the woman shouted with a sly grin across his first and a sarcastic warning of telling the woman she should never say that phrase again.

As expected, Trump is holding a commanding lead in the New Hampshire primary race with Sen. Marco Rubio and Cruz following him.

[h/t Crooks and Liars]

Watch a video of the incident below.

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