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Obviously Ted Cruz is not valid in The Bronx. The politician recently paid a visit to Yankee Stadium and was not welcomed by the crowd.

As spotted on Deadspin, the Calgary, Canada native is on a promotional tour and made a stop in New York City. On Sunday, Oct. 23 Ted Cruz pulled up to the Houston Astros game and the locals were very outspoken with him to say the least. As he walked through the stands several Yankee fans shouted several obscenities at him. The insults ranged from being a sucker and not standing up for his significant other (“Remember when Trump called your wife ugly!! And then you nominated him!”) to being on the far right’s hit list (“Remember when those insurrectionists wanted to murder you!!”).

Things continued to get even more comical as the Republican representative clearly heard the taunting but kept smiling and waving as individuals said “You f***ing piece of sh*t!” and told him to “Get the f*** out of New York!!” Fans also proved they had a great memory when they referenced him ducking out of the country when Texas had a major black out (“You f***ing loser. Racist piece of sh*t. Go back to Cancun!”) But the kicker and our favorite moment was when he was invited to the frank stand when someone yelled out “Eat my d*ck you a**hole!!”.

It is rumored Ted Cruz is running for President in 2024 but he has yet to confirm or deny the speculation. You can watch more of the heckling below.