Senseless violence is the culprit as another young woman finds the sum of her life and all its dealings being summed up into one word: statistic. Jessica Darnell George, a 19-year old North Carolinian, found her life cut short last Friday in dramatic and tragic fashion over an item of triviality. A recent transplant from Houston, her murder is still shrouded in mystery, with local authorities believing that the culmination reached may have been the product of longstanding issues between the victim and her neighbors.

George, who was a lesbian, is said to have intervened in an altercation between her girlfriend another woman; the result of which lead to her being stabbed in the neck, a blow that proved to be fatal. Witness testimonies surrounding the murder have been difficult to corroborate, mainly due to there being different accounts of the event floating around with some saying the teen was stabbed while retrieving CD’s and others saying that she was assaulted over an issue involving an issue of Vibe’s recently defunct magazine.

Investigators believe that George and her assailant were not the only people at the scene, but rather, two other women also took part in the altercation that transpired. George’s father Wendal believes a more simple motive can be applied to the murder of his daughter. “I think my daughter was having problems over here because she was gay. She told me two weeks ago that everyone except her immediate neighbor was acting funny to her.”

The Center for Disease Control cites homicide as one of the eighth most likely methods of death for Black people in the United States. Black males lead all other ethnic groups, attributing nearly 60% of their fatalities to homicide, with firearms proving to be the predominant method utilized.

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