For many high school seniors across the nation, getting accepted into college is a natural next step in their educational journey. For Nigerian-American Harold Ekeh, the path to higher academics was bolstered by the fact that he was accepted at all eight of the Ivy League schools in America.

Ekeh, a student and Salutatorian from Elmont High School in Long Island, New York, came to the country just eight years ago from Nigeria with his family. As reported by CBS New York, Ekeh’s epic feat in being accepted by the prestigious schools also shocked him as well.

From CBS New York:

Eight is a lucky number for Harold Ekeh. The Salutatorian from Elmont High School on Long Island just achieved a remarkable and rare accomplishment; acceptance to all eight prestigious Ivy League schools.

As CBS2’s Chris Wragge reported, 8-years-ago the Ekeh family arrived in America from their native Nigeria.

“Absolutely shocked. It was as though I was hit repeatedly. I was stunned,” Ekeh said.

Ekeh pointed to his family’s humble beginnings, thirst for education and desire to make a meaningful mark on society as his inspiration.

“I am just thanking god for what he is doing for my family in the life of my son,” Harold’s mother Roseline said.

Roseline works in Queens for a human resources agency. His father Paul works with the NYPD’s traffic division.

Ekeh, 17, isn’t just a remarkable student. He also volunteers his time working on campaigns for academc mentorying and has a passion for social justice issues. But the prospective Ivy Leaguer to be has chosen biochemistry as his career path. As a young boy, Ekeh always wanted to learn more about the human body and has an ambitious plan to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Ekeh’s focus on curing the disease is personal as his grandmother was diagnosed with the condition.

Ekeh hasn’t decided which Ivy League school he will go to, but he says he’s leaning toward Yale. If so, he’ll be joining another Long Island whiz kid, Kwasi Enin, the Ghanian-African teen who was chosen for all eight Ivy League schools last year.

Congrats to Harold Ekeh!

Photo: Harold Ekeh


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