DMX is currently being accused of acting like a straight devil this past Easter Sunday; sticking up a man in Newark for his pennies have cashing in thousands following a show.

DMX’s attorney, Murray Richman is doing what he’s paid to and scoffing at the claims in an interview with E! News.

Although video evidence has yet to surface, Richman has a confident telling of what allegedly went down in New Jersey on the wee hours of April 5.

“He was leaving a show, a very successful show, and he stopped for gas,” Richman say. “Four young men approached him for a photo. They took photos and they offered [DMX] drugs. He said no and told them to go…They had an argument and next thing you know, they are accusing him of robbery. Just nonsense.”

Richman also calls the claims “completely absurd,” and reportedly said “anyone who believes it makes no sense at all.”

The unidentified 21-year-old man says that member of X’s entourage pulled out a gun and demanded the $3200 he was carrying to which the Ruff Ryder eagerly grabbed up and hopped in a Cadillac Escalade for a smooth getaway.

Police are still investigating the claims. Also, you can’t be anything but a lawyer when you’re born with a name like Murray Richman.

Photo: WENN

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