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The biggest (and best) musical surprise of yesterday’s the 2015 MTV Movie Awards came courtesy of the night and day mashup of Fall Out Boy and superstar-in-the-making Fetty Wap. Whichever MTV producer had the bright idea to match this random smattering of musical talents deserves the Gold Star Award as it will automatically be remembered for years to come. The reinvigorated rock group started the performance with their smash hit, “Centuries,” right before Patrick Stump fell back and gave the stage to the New Jersey Trap&B upstart as he sung to all the “Trap Queens” out there.

Hip-Hop Wired got the Certified Fresh alum to stop on the blue carpet and give us some insight on the dual performance beforehand and he accurately predicted greatness. The 24-year-old is riding on a natural high rollercoaster now that his mega hit is now a gold-selling record.

“It feel real good; I feel real honored and blessed, man,” he tells us. “I just got good people behind me. I got a good team that keeps me level. We don’t take nothing for granted. Everything is like a movie to us. We just take it as it come.”

With that type of humility, there’s no wonder he and his Remy Boyz have already begun to quell any notions of one-hit wonder status. He tells us his upcoming album will be self-titled and released very soon.

Watch out Fetty Wap interview up above and flip over to the next page to see him tear down the stage with Fall Out Boy.

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