Fetty Wap


Looks like Fetty Wap has once again run afoul of the law and got himself pinched for using FaceTime to threaten someone this past Monday (August 8).


Fetty Wap can't win for losing. The "Trap Queen" rapper was arrested at Newark Airport on an outstanding warrant.

Fetty Wap is finally back on stage. He recently performed his first live show since being booked for his alleged role in a drug ring.


Given the gravity of the charges thrown against him, he's lowkey lucky to be out on bail forreal forreal.

According to Deadline, Fetty Wap, real name William Junior Maxwell, was arrested last week at New York’s CitiField on a two-count federal indictment. The "Trap Queen" rapper was going to be a part of the three-day Rolling Loud music festival at the New York Mets’ home stadium but never made it to the stage. After the arrest, Maxwell stood before a Long Island judge on charges of being what the government is calling a “kilogram-level dealer” of opioids.

Later today (October 29), the charges will be unsealed at the Patterson, N.J. rapper appears in court to address the matter.

Over the weekend, Turquoise Miami, the mother of the child, confirmed the tragic loss via a moving Instagram post.

It is being reported by various social media that the New Jersey rapper's four-year-old daughter has died, and fans are rallying around the "Trap Queen" artist and striking down some mean-spirited reactions as well.


Damn, talk about keeping it a buck. We're rooting for a 2021 comeback for Fetty now.

The New Jersey singer-rapper is still active but for a time, he was an undeniable hit machine in the middle of the current decade.

Masika Kalysha is known for her ability to drag her Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood costars, but when Fetty Wap’s new wife posted their daughter on social media Kalysha’s dragging skills reached the maximum level of petty.

Fetty Wap allegedly put hands on a Las Vegas valet. Thus, the New Jersey rapper was arrested after the altercation.