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As the May 2 title fight date approaches, it is apparent that Floyd Mayweather “ain’t worried about nuthin.”

The undefeated champion prize-fighter is treating his training circuits like Jay Z treats his studio sessions when recording an album. It’s a big spectacle.

The hosted 38-year-old star hosted an open media workout day and besides the abundance of reporters in attendance, he was graced by the presence of the Queen Bee Lil Kim. Money Mayweather has plenty of famous supporters and it’s obvious the rap legend is counted among the bandwagon.

Mayweather also spoke highly of Manny Pacquiao, telling the AFP, “He’s a future hall-of-famer. I am a future hall-of-famer and we are meeting at the pinnacle of our careers. From the matchup, it is going to be a very exciting fight. Our styles are totally different. I fight with smarts. Every move is calculated. Every move is thought about.”

He also admitted that he “doesn’t enjoy” the boxing scene like he used to but there are no complaints in the paycheck department. While Pacquiao is expected to enjoy a $80 million payout, Mayweather is slated to make about $120 million for the fight. Lord have mercy.

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