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Jay Z maybe needs a life jacket because he’s drowning in TIDAL shade. Black Twitter has spoken, and it’s a resounding “nope, we’re good” on his new streaming company.

That doesn’t means things can’t change once the company actually gets things together. On the surface TIDAL has to collect a better following by offering consumers more than “we’re changing music” without any real explanation beyond musicians receiving better royalties. The better music quality schtick Hov touted in the beginning didn’t go over after people realized that no matter how good the music quality, if your speakers or headphones suck, it’s still a struggle.

Jay’s Twitter rant may not have been the best idea either. The 45-year-old never really tweets unless it’s somehow self-involved (which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, that’s what Twitter is all about), and fans are pretty tired of it. There’s even a TIDAL parody account.

It’s obvious that this streaming service is becoming a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation, but it’s still early in the game. Jay might just want to just stay low and build.

Peep the Twitter ether below.

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