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Baltimore landed square in the middle of the national conversation after protesters took to the streets and damaged several businesses and other property in reaction to the Freddie Gray police custody death. Now, residents have collectively undertaken efforts to clean up portions of the city that were struck the most by the violent outbursts and looting.

The scene today in Baltimore is in stark contrast with Monday’s (April 27) happenings, with police decked out in riot gear holding court on various corners. Citizens mulling about are attempting to clean up some of the debris and damage caused by what activists and other concerned individuals are billing as “outside agitators” who have become much of the focal point of media coverage.

Across social media, photos and video of the Baltimore clean up efforts show folks from all walks of life working together to clear the streets. Other reports from local outlets that gang leaders are warning young people away and telling them to return home. A week-long curfew has been instituted by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and the police force has called on statewide and national reinforcements to keep the peace.

See the following pages to view the Baltimore clean up efforts in action.

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