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Rico Love delivers a remix of “Somebody Else,” featuring a verse from Wiz Khalifa that’s clearly inspired by his estranged wife Amber Rose.

Wiz drops his stoner demeanor for a second, opting to wear his heart on his sleeve and let go mounds of hurt in the process. Detailing how public opinion (including commentary on social media) affected their relationship, the Taylor Gang rapper goes through the motions, but in the end seems content with his decision to part ways.

Keep in mind that about a month ago Amber revealed to the world that she hoped to rekindle the flame with her beau. It’s possible that this verse explains why Wiz didn’t respond to said message, outside of a few cryptic tweets.

Just yesterday, news broke that Amber is allegedly dating rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Hear Wiz’s verse (with lyrics included) on Rico Love’s “Somebody Else (Remix),” which also features Usher, below.

Thought I had it

All the magic, I couldn’t imagine

That it would all end tragic

Automatically I’m the bad one

I was only doing us

Gave everything, a kid and house

And a wedding ring

And now you talk about you could do better things

How did we get this way?

How do you entertain that bullsh-t?

Why you even care what Instagram got to say?

Now when you see me, we don’t act the same

Smiling on TV tryna hide the pain

An empty seat where you used to be with me on the plane

That empty hole in my heart

Will I ever love again?

You had your way and you know it

Ain’t thinking forward, you still in the past

Ain’t gon’ lie, I spent some time thinking if we could’ve lasted

Screaming ‘F-ck the world,’ I know what’s behind those glasses

Rollin’ up another joint thinkin’ bout the last

Being alone ain’t what you wanna be

And me with a girl ain’t what you wanna see

Truthfully, it’ ain’t you, it’s me.

Photo: Instagram