Don’t let the sudden rise of EDM or even your “grandfather’s music” derail you from the truth that Hip-Hop has touched more lives that any other musical genre.

A team of researchers (Matthias Mauch, Robert M. MacCallum, Mark Levy, Armand M. Leroi) at two prestigious London universities published a study in the journal Royal Society Open Science earlier today and concluded that Hip-Hop has beat out the English invasion of The Beatles and Rolling Stones as the most influential genre, ever.

“We had a sense that lots of people have opinions about popular music, but nobody has any objective evidence,” Leroi told CNN. Footnotes in the study show that the team had no “competing or conflict of interests” and they were simply out to prove something that is so subjective as fact.

“Everybody thinks the best music was produced when they were 17 years old. We wanted to do something better than that,” Leroi, a professor of evolutionary biology at Imperial College London, continued. They are currently vying to target books and paintings as their project.

The full study can be read here.

H/T: Mass Appeal

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