Every year, fresh-faced college kids learn the hard way what binge drinking can do to their ability to function as a human being.

An aging man from France died after deciding drinking 56 shots of liquor was a great life decision and now the bar owner who hosted his foolishness is being placed in the manslaughter.

Via NewsMax:

A French man by the name of Renaud died after downing 56 shots alcohol in October, and now the bar owner that served him is on trial for “manslaughter by willful neglect.”

According to The Local (France), Renaud, 57, was being cheered on by friends and family as he tried to break the bar record at Le Starter, located in the central French town of Clermont-Ferrand.

Renaud apparently drank 30 shots and shooters in under a minute. Renaud’s daughter reported that the unnamed bar owner whispered that he had “only 12 to go” to break the record, which Renaud soon imbibed. Later that night he was carried home, suffered cardiac arrest, and died.

“The owner served the father of my client when he was not in a fit state to understand what he was doing,” said the daughter’s lawyer, Antoine Portal.

“It is not known whether he would still be alive if he had not drunk the last 12 shots, but by downing those last shots, he was left with no chance. It was a case of inciting someone to consume. That’s an extremely serious mistake for a bar owner.”

Both sides have a solid case. Renaud was a grown ass man and nobody forced him be a weekend warrior. However, as a bar owner you have a civil duty to the public not to allow negligence in your establishment. Which one would you vote for if you were on the jury?

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